None of the pieces below are currently kept in stock. They were one of a kind or very limited edition pieces made over the past eight years. Most pieces can be duplicated, if not exactly, then at least with similar stones and properties. The copper cuffs are hand made and can be customized with personal patterns, messages or symbols. The prices listed with each piece are a guideline and actual prices will be based on current market price of materials as well as level of customization.

For healing jewelry currently in stock, please visit the jocelynbroyles original designs and jewelry site.

Please feel free to contact me with your healing stone needs, as well as with questions, comments or corrections.

Thank you for looking! Enjoy!


TURQUOISE AND STERLING. Turquoise can promote honest and clear communication from the heart, protect against pollution in the environment and bring abundance. It is known as a master healing stone and is associated primarily with the throat chakra.

PRICE: $640. STYLE NUMBER N391-SS. A similar piece can be made with lesser quality turquoise for a much lower price.